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Collection of Security Solutions Across Various Verticals

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Banking Sector

Security surveillance is a must at every nook and corner of bank premises. The foremost important surveillance areas are ATM Counters, Cash Loader Vans, Bank Branches, Control Command Headquarters. We cater series products such as CCTV, Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm, Motion sensors and much more to safeguard the bank locations. Apart from supplies, we offer AMC contracts also.

Education Sector

We have comprehensive packages developed in the educational sectors – School, Colleges and Universities to safeguard the Campus, Lobbies, Play Ground, Classes, Laboratories and School Buses areas. Apart from CCTV security, Automated Payrolls, Time Attendance and GPRS trackers are the contemporary tools which can be applied in theses location for smoother operations.

Health Care

Hospital premises surveillance is quite essential in terms of maintenance, quality healthcare and public safety. Monitoring the Clinics, Pharmacies, Lobbies & the Reception area of the hospitals, exceptionally important. Motion Sensors, Panic Alarms, Public Addressing, Video Analytics Surveillance are few product resources which are vital for the protection of health care division.


Undoubtedly the Police Department needs to be well equipped with CCTV Surveillance, prime areas to safeguarded are Police Station, Surveillance Vans, Towing Vans, and Traffic Management. In addition, Panic Alarms, Motion Sensors, Automated Door Closures are quite important security appliances to safeguard against menaces and suspicious criminal activity controls.

Real Estate

We offer integrated security and surveillance system for Real Estate at the vital points – Common Areas, Parking, Back-end dark & shady spots, and Entry & Exit Points. Boom Barriers, IP Cameras, Parking Sensors, Fire Alarm Controls are very essential installations for the protection of any real estate property. AMC contracts are essential for future protection.

Shopping & Retail

For retail outlet, the surveillance is metered in terms of its size and merchandise layout, yet the vital points are an exit and entrance, cash register station, and sales floor. Here, the IP Cameras, Public Addressing, Automated Door Controls, Panic Management Controllers are few named security elements which are extremely indispensable.


Safe City

CCTV Surveillance with HD cameras can be installed across the city to protect physical infrastructure – road, rail and waterways network – backed by CMS for analytics and records. Speed Monitors, Solar powered backup for security controls, radar monitoring tools, long-range Wi-Fi connection and bundle more can be tailored here.


In transport, cameras protect against theft, unauthorized access of vehicles, rash driving, illegal parking. We cater HD images and advanced analytics for access to information from anywhere, anytime. GPRS Trackers, fuel efficiency controllers, Two-way audio communications, Speed & Geo-fencing alerts can also be paired to improvise transport segments

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No matter the extent of complications in your project and designs, we have an expert team to channelize into much a simplified and modular design.

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