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Access Control System in Udaipur

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Access Control System

Access Control System in Udaipur

The Benefits Of A Fingerprint Access Control System

Only a few decades ago, the biometric fingerprint access control systemwas foreign to the world and something we only saw in movies. Thanks to the revolution of technology. Biometrics is now very much a part of our everyday lives.

A biometric fingerprint access control system offers a higher level of security. Than card access control systems, while providing the added convenience of not having to carry a card. Security is enhanced over card only systems, since biometric readers identify people, not cards.

As technology improved and costs for biometric systems have come more into line with traditional card reader systems, fingerprint access control systems have replaced many of the conventional types of access control systems.

Why a fingerprint access control system is considered so effective:

  • Fingerprints are highly unique in nature and there is very little room for machine error.
  • The system can easily record the entry and exit timings of each worker and thereby help in correctly deciding the corresponding remunerations.
  • It can serve as a measure to restrict unwanted entrants to the area of work and can help in avoiding accidents.
  • You cannot forget your fingerprint at home – unlike a key or access card.
  • Your fingerprint cannot be stolen – unlike a key or access card.
  • A fingerprint access control system saves manual labor.
  • It eliminates possibilities of manual error.
  • It ensures that users are present when requesting access.
  • There is no need for constant changes in access codes or PINs.
  • These systems are weatherproof and waterproof – perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Fingerprint algorithm is extremely accurate and fast.
  • You can create and manage different areas, checkpoints, access schedules and rules for authorized access.


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