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New Security Surveillance Products in Udaipur

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Security Surveillance Products in Udaipur

New Security Surveillance Products in Udaipur

Saif Zone in the quest of robust Security Surveillance products, introduces three essential gadgets which are a must for the protection of homes and offices

To start with, they have the Shutter Guard Siren which is amazing security breaching device which can be installed on all rolling shutter units. Once installed and activated the device gets armed to provide protection by sending an audible alarm of 170dbi in case of theft, with an added feature of dialing on the select phone number for an emergency. The product is though simple, but truly a state of art device for handling your day to day security.

No less the former, they have the Padlock Siren, which is a true need for any door handles and shutter handles. The purpose of this device is to activate an alarm as soon any kind of motion is detected. In simpler words, if any intruder tries to use tamper the lock or cut the lock and audible siren of 110dbi is generated loud enough to alert the neighbors in the vicinity. Also, it creates a panic for the intruder, who is seen running on the toes on the siren whistle.

Last but not least, is the WiFi boor bell replacing the traditional intercom devices. The WiFi bell gets installed on the main entrance. As soon as the visitor presses the button, you get a call on the mobile. Once you receive the call, you can record video, take a snapshot, unlock the door via this gadget. Also, it has a motion detector which could inform you of any passerby during unwanted hours. The device works both local and remotely supported by 3G, which means that you can attend visitors at your home, even while you are out of town.

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